Overview of Weaving:

With more than 400 looms branding Tsudakoma, Ishikawa of Japan and Picanol of Belgium, with highest speed along with 97% efficiency, Litun Fabrics has been providing fabrics (Denim, Non-denim and Home textile) with a number of respected Western customers . Our modern looms with varieties of width from 57 inches to 130 inches are producing fabrics like poplin, canvass, twill, broken twill, stretched fabrics, dobby, sheeting, flannel, parcel, denim etc.

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A dedicated team with sophisticated skills is putting its sweats to make the finest quality fabrics here at Litun. Litun produces more than 100000 meters of fabrics per day. The main efforts in the modernization were focused on the acquisition of versatile weaving machines to allow cost-effective production, even of small orders. To keep pace with increasing present demand, the productions facilities have been modernized and new looms are being installed soon with an objective to produce 120,000 meters of fabrics per day. The core systems answer to the demands made by respected Western buyers’ high fabric quality, versatility and exclusive patterning options. Looms, as usual, are equipped with electronically controlled panel boards with digital display.

Performances of our looms highly rely on well supports from the yarn purchases as sourced out by our most veteran yarn experts, and warping and sizing processes from most modern warping and sizing machines of the USA, Germany and Japan. For our export markets, the quality requirements with new dimensions are becoming more and more important as the export demand is also for long lengths of fault-free cloth, and this is only possible with very sophisticated weaving machines belonging also to us among others. In each moment, we try to match to step up with any new technologies coming to this sector.