Speech from Managing Director

A product is a chemistry of artistry, advanced equipments and delicate works of passionate hands. To obtain this high quality chemistry with the real meaning of competitive price, Litun Fabrics has emerged as manufacturers of denim, non-denim, woven and knit garment, home textile along with a well vibrant rotary printing section. Litun is aware of the fashion's trends sprint ceaselessly with so variety of innovation. We are in a continuous process in striving to maximize synergy from product design to marketing based on our advantages. We do possess the availability of very advanced machineries, equipments and software to handle those works. Litun mirrors up-rising sonority of Asian industries which maintains rapport with famous brand of the West.

My 25 years experiences along with family business heritage from generations to generation in this line of textile have helped me to go into the depth of the sector. As a leading think-tank on seeing the future trends of business related issues for a forward-looking business organization, I, besides administration and marketing, spend more time developing a corporate social responsibility and enjoy supports from a very proactive top management team.

If one asks 50 people for a quick definition of "corporate culture," and he may likely to get 50 different answers. That is because culture is not something that we can touch, pick up and examine-it is just there in feeling. What my Company dedicates to continuously add fresh information, exquisite sensibility, and understanding of our particular buyer's need.

Giving a message or characterizing a picturesque web-site brings not much significance- if its contents are not very sharply reflected in the acts from the very beginning, even at communication level. Litun epitomizes the value we bring to our clients, and it is what differentiates us within the industry.

Litun Fabrics has thoroughly clustered strengths with expertise from experts of different countries. This verticality is underpinned by advanced software giving robust service offerings to customers with products and this has led to the path of growth and high quality operation.

Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of changes, and underneath the changes and challenges, opportunity and creativity bloom with new horizons.


Nazrul Islam Dhali

Managing Director