Cutting Section:

Backed by pattern and design sections, we cut knit fabrics matching all the sizes in the spacious floor. In fact, cutting the fabrics is the prime necessity to march the size spec. With some big long tables, the USA and Japanese branded cutting machines and skilled cutting masters, we touch the fabrics in operation with utmost sincerity. Uncompromising attitudes in controlling quality in every stage even in cutting has been keeping us high. Production with appropriate productivity to be cost-effective as well and speedy delivery of cut fabrics to the sewing department are the procedures of our working plan. We do not like to match to any other company’s plan but to adjust with out thirty souls for quality products.

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Sweing Section:

Machines from Japan mainly stitch our garments with very skilled hands. Our 10 to 14 lines depending upon items like tank tops, tee shirts, polo shirts can sew 312000 garments per month. Fresh airs from all the four sides along with air cooler tender convenient humidity-free working floors- floors well equipped with adequate paths between the lines, natural and artificial light, hygienic separate toilets for male and female workers, first aid box along with others. Neat and cleanliness are the prime conditions for sewing floors for ensuring fresh garments with satisfied hearts- Management of our knit unit is well conscious of that. Our workers sew what they love-passion and devotion towards works breeze in as all the arrangements are there. Quality is nothing here but the by-products of advanced machines, technologies, passionate souls and sincere supervision from quality control department.

Finishing Section:

In real sense, finishing works start from pattern to sewing stage. Good patterns, exact marker preparation, precise cutting, bundling and careful sewing reduce undesired finishing touches. As our operators are self-controllers about these things and quality controllers are so vigilant and cautious, Litun Group needs less repairing work in this stage rather it enjoys having ample time to do normal finishing works like counting garments which come from washing unit, checking washing and finishing effects, thread cutting and sucking, gumming up any left thread or dust, attaching buttons and rivets, ironing, checking safety of products, applying correct labels at right places, shade checking, folding, packing, cartons, assortments and shipping marks. We never forget the importance of finishing touches- even we make a very precise garment at sewing and washing stages. The garments may be out of uses or cause confusion or become un-saleable because of mistakes or inattentive works like placing a wrong price code, shade checking, mistakes in assortments or in destination marks. And for all those finishing works, modern technologies with equipments, experiences and expertise from local and abroad are highly considered here and designed the procedures accordingly. Our well-managed finished department is trained up in processes, traceability and precision of garments.