Introduction (Home Garments):

Litun Fabrics Ltd has introduced itself as one of the pioneering enterprises in the home textile garments- a leading converter of furnishing textiles to innovation, quality and services. Whenever it comes about quality and credibility, Litun is pronounced with great confidence. We have been engaged in manufacturing textile garments using the latest technology and strictly adhering to the international standards in terms of quality. These high standards are sustained through commitment to the above ideals and through a passion for innovation and creativity determining to nurture a better and brighter future for the industry. We have achieved an unparallel position among the leading fabrics and textile garments suppliers in Bangladesh.

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The Company has always extended its best effort to deliver the best products and services. The rigorous R&D, stringent quality policies and state-of-the-art technologies have been our potency since our inception. With clear focus and growth plans on the anvil, we have been able to extend the business to a broader arena. It has the expertise to offer a specialized design service, aimed at the corporate, hospitality industry, retailers along with others. Today, we stand among the globally reckoned competitive home textile exporters, and our business is extended to Europe and North America. Some of our respected buyers are Aldi, Ekkleboom and Awatson of the Netherlands; Hemtex, Rusta, Cellbess, Hobby Hall, Vinga, Groupentex and DJ Frantex of Sweden; Kid and Princess of Norway; Georgecourey and JYSK of Canada; Jefferson of Germany, VDH of Belgium and VIVA of Poland along with many others. Our yearly turnover from home textiles is US $ 11 million dollars.