Cutting Section:

Litun Fabrics  (Fashion Garments) has invested considerable time and effort in planning and development of its cutting space and is now composed of a complete set of solutions designed to improve and optimize the production processes. The intelligent cutting room adapts easily to different production requirements for mass production, diversified production, small and medium range production, and ultimately delivers significant savings in terms of production times and material consumptions reducing the time-to-market. With unrivalled technical support from Lectra, auto spreader and powerful production equipments controlled by high value added software, Litun ensures optimum functioning of the production unit. Besides, most advanced equipments, we value professional, experienced and caring hands. We exhibit the nice cut components storage system with proper tracking on our ERP system.

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Sweing Section:

International standard machineries in adequate number; neat and clean fully compliant atmosphere where people’s and products’ movements are easy-going and some happy faces- there may not be luxuries in lives but rich minds yielding from very caring attitudes from Management, are the mantra of our high speed of production with workmanship meeting buyers’ quality and ensuring shipment in time. Fashion demands advanced technology, creativity, sweats and interests. Our business is sewing. Sewing needs pouring a human being’s heart into an efficient system. In the world of sewing, invisible recognition remains which motivates one’s body language. So we continue developing human potentials and creating clothing. One piece of clothing that impresses people is filled with the passion of people. We encourage open interaction and any feedback from our sewing colleagues and analyze them and take actions, if necessary, but we never compromise with quality though workmanship never tires and has no an end. Our garment unit knows, when a future blueprint for sewing develops, the factory expands to a number of markets.

Finishing Section:

In real sense, finishing works start from pattern to sewing stage. Good patterns, exact marker preparation, precise cutting, bundling and careful sewing reduce undesired finishing touches. As our operators are self-controllers about these things and quality controllers are so vigilant and cautious, Fashion Garments division needs less repairing work in this stage rather it enjoys having ample time to do normal finishing works like counting garments which come from washing unit, checking washing and finishing effects, thread cutting and sucking, gumming up any left thread or dust, attaching buttons and rivets, ironing, checking safety of products, applying correct labels at right places, shade checking, folding, packing, cartons, assortments and shipping marks. We never forget the importance of finishing touches- even we make a very precise garment at sewing and washing stages. The garments may be out of uses or cause confusion or become un-saleable because of mistakes or inattentive works like placing a wrong price code, shade checking, and mistakes in assortments or in destination marks. And for all those finishing works, modern technologies with equipments, experiences and expertise from local and abroad are highly considered here and designed the procedures accordingly. Our well-managed finished department is trained up in processes, traceability and precision of garments.