Introduction (Fashion Garments):

A garment factory comprises of different departments, and in addition, Litun Fabrics (Fashion Garments) enjoys having a well organized management to facilitate production and finishing works vertically with around 600 workers in 4,48,000 SQFT area. Our departmental lines are mostly straight and every line is equipped with famous European and Japanese branded latest machineries controlled by advanced simulating software. There are not only combinations of technologies and expertise but also combinations of corporate values and ethics. Management of Denim expert respects and values every individual irrespective of ages, ranks and departments and listens to one with importance and cares.

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Effective communication with our washing unit and different departments like Marketing, Merchandising, Production, Quality Control, IT & MIS, Fashion Design, Purchasing, Stores, Sample development, Embroidery, Compliances links our lives weaving souls to the way of making a strong team - a Team with invisible power but filled with love. So production runs here very fast with very strict and rigorous quality controls. Every type of works like cutting, sewing, washing, finishing, packing and works for timely shipment with the tools of modern technologies, expertise and professional hands in a good compliant environment is our basic strength as high spirits and attitudes are among the people involved. This professional bondage has been based on ties between people enjoying works with passion where teamís interaction adds arts and science to denim pants instantly because Denim Expert nurtures the venturing attitudes and ends at practicality. As a result of those, our production, quality and packaging procedures are at par with the international standards and finished goods area has set as per CTPAT.

Woven ready-made garments:

Our woven garments have a production capacity of 234000 pcs bottoms per month like five pockets Denim and Non-Denims, Cargo, Bermuda, Mobile, Capri and all kind of Shorts with 12 lines and this yields US $ 17 million dollars per year. We have been providing services with a number of respected buyers like Primark, Misse-Team and Mataland of UK; KIK and Bort Loies of Germany; Pizza Italia, Frado and Carry of Italy and Lillon of Australia. Our woven garments division uses fabrics of Litun Group as well as imported fabrics, if the fabrics are so uncommon or demanded by buyers.