Dyeing and Finishing:

In fact, Litun maintains very strict controls over its piece dyeing procedures- from the yarn purchase through appropriate tests to weaving and then to dyeing. Our highly experienced textile dyeing engineers from abroad and local over the years have gone far ahead to meet the need of Western buyers. We highly give importance to advanced machineries controlled by computer systems. Out of our 45 machines at processing unit, 31 machines are from Europe and the USA and 14 from South Korea and India. Our tremendous thirst of blooming out right color with quality ensures the smiles from our buyers.

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With very strict grey fabric checking, Litun starts its dyeing processes. All processes like singeing, de-sizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, neutralizing, colouring, stentering, calendaring, sunforizing go through strict quality checking with our owned highly equipped lab machines and with delicate hands. Litun offers finishing options of peach, raising, PU coating, paper touch, wrinkle free, water repellent/proof etc. Our dyeing capacity per month is over 3,2000,00 meters. Though our basic standards are maintained even from yarn purchase and its tests, every inch of finished fabric is filtered under rigorous procedures in the inspection section. Below is a list of few types of machinery presently used in dyeing section at Litun.