Dyeing and Finishing:

Denim dyeing is an art of advanced mechanism assisted by modern machines, expertise achieved over the years, dedicated hands and deep observations from the beginning to the ending as denim fabric. Denim section under the umbrella of Litun Fabrics Limited has been exhibiting production of varieties of denim since long. Denim section with its three dyeing Slashing yields around 2 million of denim per month. The Taiwanese Slashers, Panon are supported with 51 boxes to give all types of denim shades as per customers’ required. Shades like topping, bottoming, sandwiching, coloured denim and the like. As the vista of our denim manufacturing commitment goes beyond the horizons, we never hesitate to endeavour for new kinds of denim developments. Denim Team comprising local and Pakistani experts has been continuously developing ideas in denim production with the changing needs for the buyers.

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The finishing procedures like brushing, singeing, mercerizing, washing, shrinking, skewing through German Monforts machines are done under high tech programs with appropriate set up. Besides, as usual finishes, Litun fabrics offers a variety of finishes like PU coating, over-dyeing along with in-house printing options on fabrics. The denim is then pulled to the proper width, dried and rolled for the inspection process. Every yard of cloth must pass our rigid inspection standards. Our inspection process evaluates the quality of the denim by identifying even the smallest visible defects through the inspection table keeping our standard high.